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June 15, 2023

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The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is coming next week, which is one of the traditional festivals in China. Here we want to introduce this festival for all of our customers.

The Dragon Boat Festival is on the the Fifth day of the Fifth lunar month every year. It was originally a festival to fight off plagues in summer, but gradually evolved into the custom of eating Zongzi and racing dragon boats. According to legend, after Qu Yuan threw himself into the Miluo River, the local people rowed boats to rescue him at once, and went all the way to Dongting Lake. Qu Yuan's body was never seen. At that time, on a rainy day, the small boats on the lake gathered together by the pavilion on the shore. When people learned that it was to salvage the wise minister, Doctor Qu, they went out again in the rain and rushed to the vast Dongting Lake. In order to express their grief, people rowed on rivers, which gradually developed into dragon boat races. The people were afraid that the fish in the river would eat his body, so they went home and threw rice balls into the river to prevent fish and shrimp from spoiling Qu Yuan's body. Later, it became a custom to eat Zongzi.

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