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Models Of Bored Pile Drilling Rig

Drilling Rig for Construction of SMWBored Pile Drilling Rig

A Wide Choice Of Product

Our company is capable to manufacture various types of KL series drilling rigs. The max drilling depth could reach 20m to 34m.A wild range of products could be chosen for your practical needs.

Due to the different moving methods, KL series drilling rig can be divided into two types: step walking type and crawler type. The step walking type has an advantage of cheaper price, flexibility in various conditions . The crawler type has advantages of mobility, flexibility in aiming at the spot, efficiency for construction.

The column of the piling frame has two types, square and round. The former type applies back lift method. It is easily installed, safe and stable. The later type applies front lift method, the support rod will adjust itself when lifting the column. The column is higher, the drilling depth will go deeper.

Each model can be equipped with drilling rods of different diameters according to practical needs. Drill blades and the barrel use high strength steel alloy with high abrasion and hardness quality.

Higher Efficiency And Lower Consumption

The hydraulic system uses constant power variable design with low loss.The large flow, low failure rate, and high efficiency piston pump ensures the hydraulic components working well.

High Reliability And Flexibility

The rotation system works with hydraulic flow. The rotating speed could be controlled to avoid impact. The failure rate is much reduced. The assistant hoist also uses hydraulic winch so the winding speed can be controlled at the operator’s will. Such design provides much convenience in the working process.

Convenience In Dismantling, Transportation And Maintenance

With many years improvement and seeking for perfection, each part of the machine has well considered its convenience in dismantling, transportation and maintenance. The height and width of the largest part is designed within the range of transportatio lmits.

Humanized Design

Much effort has been taken to increase the technical content on our products as well as humanized design. The machine is integrated with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and electronic devices. The appearance of the machine body, the comfort of the operator, the agility of the movements and so on are all well considered when designing the machine.Remote-control handle is optional due to the clients needs.

Unique Design

After many years of experience in manufacturing the machine and analyzing feedbacks from our loyal clients, we made unique improvements in the easy-malfunction parts on the drilling rig: The bottom pillar of the column uses universal joint to enable the pole adjusted from left-right and front-back directions. The side support adjustment mechanism uses hydraulic motor instead of electrical motor which may affect the adjustment stroke or worm and gear which may shorten the life period. The supporting leg cylinder base uses large round box structure to avoid distortion at the working process.


KL series is our new generation multi- function piling frame: with different power plant it can not only be used to do bored pile drilling or construct continuous wall by SMW method, but also do diesel hammer or hydraulic hammer pile driving.

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They are all manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products have received favor from both domestic and foreign markets.
They are now widely exporting to 200 countries.

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