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SMW Drilling Rig

SMW, which is short of Soil Mixing Wall, is a construction method developed in Japan in 1976. Now it consists 50% of underground continuous wall constructions in Japan, and widely adopted in countries in southeast Asia, the United States, France etc. In Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and other cities of China, SMW becomes quite popular after its introduction years ago.SMW uses multi-shaft auger to drill soil in situ, meanwhile pumps cement grout from the tips of the augers into the drilled holes. After sufficient mixing of the grout, H-shaped steel or other types of steel are embedded into the columns before the soil-cement mixture hardened, forming a underground continuous wall with rigidity and intensity. The wall could be used as retaining support or water seal. Multi-shaft auger machine is commonly used.

Detail Description of SMW Drilling Rig

  1. Low cost. Foundation retaining using SMW method with multi-shaft auger machine is much more competitive in price than traditional method when constructing underground continuous wall.
    2. Shorter construction period. SMW method consumes much less time than other methods. Under normal geographical conditions, it could build 70-80㎡ walls per shift.
    3. Good seal quality. The wall is continuous without any cracks. Hydraulic conductivity can reach as much as 10-7cm/s.
    4. No disturbance in nearby soils. SMW method would not cause hazards like ground subsidence, building inclining, road cracks or shift of underground facilities.
    5. Wide range in use. It can be applied on cohesive soil, silt , sandy soil, gravel soil.
    6. The waste soil is far less than other construction methods.

Features of SMW Drilling Rig


Double hydraulic winch with large pulling force.

Using hydraulic winch with large pulling force, the main winch and lifting winch are separated from the stand-alone, and can also be exchanged.


Supporting leg inverted cylinder

Oil cylinder can be protected by supporting leg inverted installation,and extend its life time.


Comfortable and safety.

Cab with simple, quiet, and broad vision indoor, which provides operators with convenient, comfortable and safe, humane driving space.


High stability for step-walking

Long and short boat moving mechanism with large ground touching area, which less the ground pressure and effectively avoid the machine subsidence, and enhance the stability of the machine.


High-quality electrical components

Using brand electrical components with high quality and stability , all components have enough capacity to ensure the stability and reliability during work, and also withstand strong current impact.

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